Surfboards: What can we shape for you?

Bamboo Boards (Bamboo Fun Fish)
Bamboo boards are available up to 8’ in length in all short board, fish and fun board shapes up to 8’. These boards include a full bamboo veneer wrap over Styrofoam or closed cell foam core with all epoxy glassing. These boards are extremely tuff for the weight especially on the deck.

Flying Fish - Double Wing Swallow
The Flying Fish was designed with a wider template and thicker rail for maximum glide and float for a heavier or less experienced surfer. The deep double concave bottom gives the tail lots of release and drive down the line. This board has a lot more float than any standard funboard and averages 3 1/8" to 3 3/16" thick and ranging from 6'6" to 8'2" in length.

Fun Fish
The Fun Fish has a clean outline with a lot of curve through the tail. This board only comes in 6'3" and 6'6" sizes. The shape is very wide with the 6'3" being 21 wide. It is very stable and easy to ride and makes catchy waves easy.

High Performance Fish
This fish actually has a shortboard rocker which is a higher rocker than a standard fish, so it rides like a shortboard but planes better because of the added width. This shape ranges in length from 5'6" to 6'6".

Retro Quad Fish
The Retro Quad Fish is shorter and wider than a standard Fish with quad fins. This shape is super fast and very versatile. Photo shows acid resin smear finish.

High Performance Funboard
This board rides like a shortboard but has a smooth outline. The fins are placed more forward to give the board more responsiveness. This shape ranges from 6'8" to 8'6".

Standard Funboard
This shape has a fuller nose for easy paddling and is a little thicker and provides a very stable ride. This board rides much like the High Performance Funboard with the only difference being the fuller nose. Lengths range from 7'0” to 8'6”.

Supa High Performance Longboard
This is a progressive Longboard with a lot of rocker and a pulled in nose. It usually has a thruster fin set-up and is made to ride like a shortboard. This shape is fun to ride and is different from any other longboard. Lengths generally ranges from 9'0” to 9'2”.

High Performance Longboard
This is a good longboard for all around conditions. This shape has more rocker than the super flat west coast boards and nose rides well and turns easily. It is designed more for east coast waves and it usually ranges from 8'6” to 10'0” with a single fin set-up with or without stabilizers.

Girl Longboard
We also do a longboards for girls which is usually thinner and lighter.

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